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Retirement System
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Protecting Your Information

A Statement from SDRS Regarding Cyber Security

The South Dakota Retirement System (SDRS) is entrusted with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of members and beneficiaries. This information is necessary for the proper administration of the retirement system, including payment of SDRS benefits.

SDRS is diligent in protecting the PII with which it has been entrusted and conscientious in efforts to prevent any data breaches. Should a security breach occur, SDRS, in cooperation with the South Dakota Bureau of Information & Telecommunications (the central information technology organization responsible for maintaining the cyber security infrastructure for state agencies), has developed procedures to be followed which will minimize the impact to affected members and to the administration of the system.

The security and protection of SDRS member data and information is a critical responsibility of the South Dakota Bureau of Information & Telecommunications (BIT). It is the mission of BIT’s team of cyber security experts to protect and defend all state data against malicious cyber-attacks, destruction, loss, unauthorized access/change, and disruption or denial of service. A complete cyber security defense plan requires technological safeguards and best practices of every employee. Technological safeguards include a variety of hardware and software tools to permit legitimate, authorized access only. Augmenting these infrastructure based protections to insure all layers of cyber security are effective is an educational program instilling in each state employee an understanding of the risks of cyber behavior and the responsibility to utilize safe cyber computing practices.

SDRS and BIT have developed a robust set of technological infrastructure protections, focused policies, and key education efforts to ensure security of data stored within state systems. All components contribute to the important tasks associated with cyber security defense of state government.

The security and privacy of SDRS members PII is extremely important and a high priority for SDRS. Be assured that SDRS, together with BIT, is working to protect the information you have entrusted to this office.

For additional information on protecting your personal information:
SDRS brochure: Identity Theft & Protecting Your Information