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2017 Legislative Session

The SDRS Board of Trustees recently changed the economic assumptions used to project the future costs of the system to recognize lower inflation and investment return expectations. These changes were made to provide the most realistic estimate of future SDRS costs. As a result, the fixed, statutory contributions are not projected to be sufficient to fund the current benefit structure. By law, the Board is required to recommend changes to bring SDRS back into actuarial balance. As such, the Board is recommending legislation during the 2017 Legislative Session to modify the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) and calculation of final average compensation (FAC).

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Legislative Changes Letter
Managing SDRS for Sustainability

The Board of Trustees submitted the following bills during the 2017 Legislative Session:

Bill #



HB 1016 An Act to revise the methodology for calculating the cost of living adjustment for South Dakota Retirement System benefits, to revise reporting conditions, and to provide uniform terminology. Current Status
HB 1017 An Act to revise the definition of compensation for purposes of the South Dakota Retirement System, to provide a penalty for falsely reporting compensation, and to update references to the Internal Revenue Code. Current Status
HB 1018 An Act to revise the computation of final average compensation for benefits relating to the South Dakota Retirement System. Current Status
HB 1019 An Act to revise certain provisions relating to the salary of the executive director of the South Dakota Retirement System. Current Status

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