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Supplemental Pension Benefit Calculator (SPB)

The SPB calculator is a helpful tool that you can use to estimate the amount of a SPB monthly benefit based on the amount of money transferred from your Supplemental Retirement Plan (SRP), Special Pay Plan (SPP), or Variable Retirement Accounts (VRA).

1. Select marital status:

2. Enter your age at time of purchase:    

3. Enter spouse's age at time of purchase if married:    

4. Enter SRP/SPP/VRA transferred amount: $

5. Calculate ->

Your Monthly SDRS Lifetime Retirement Benefit:


Account Balance / Annual Annuity Factor / 12 = Estimated Monthly Annuity
The SPB monthly benefit is actuarially determined and will not be finalized until SDRS has received the transferred amount of funds from the retired member's SRP, SPP, or VRA account. To make application for participation in this program please contact the SDRS office toll-free at 1-888-605-SDRS (7377).