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Purchase Calculator

The SDRS purchase calculator, when used in conjunction with the benefit calculator, is a valuable tool in your retirement planning. The purchase calculator estimates the cost to purchase various amounts and types of public service during different financing periods.
1. Choose one of the following types of public service:

2. Enter the number of months you wish to purchase/convert:     Months

3. Enter your age at the time of purchase:     Age

4. Enter your current annual salary (final average salary, if higher): $ Salary

5. Financing period (months):
Note: The interest charge is 6.5 percent.

6. Calculate ->

Your SDRS Purchase Cost:


Your Monthly SDRS Purchase Payment Amount: (Includes interest charges)


Years (Months/12) X Purchase Rate* X Salary = Cost
*The purchase rate is actuarially determined and depends on your age and the type of service to be purchased. A table of purchase rates is included in the Class descriptions.