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Earning Service/Service Purchase

Earning Credited Service
Credited service is the period of time you work for an SDRS participating employer, which is considered in your eligibility for benefits and the amount of benefits. Credited service represents complete or partial years of employment (you receive one-fourth of a year of credited service for each calendar quarter in which you make contributions to SDRS), as well as years of employment credited to you by retirement systems before consolidation into SDRS (before July 1, 1974).

Credited service includes time spent on authorized military leave of absence for your initial tour of duty, provided that you:


Service Purchase
Eligible members may purchase additional credited service in order to enhance their SDRS benefit at retirement. The cost to purchase credited service depends on your age at the time of purchase and is an actuarially-determined percentage of your salary.

The types of credited service that may be purchased include:

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