South Dakota
Retirement System
Proudly Serving South Dakota's Public Employees Since 1974


Ready to Retire

Notifying SDRS
It is recommended that you contact SDRS at least three to six months prior to your retirement to request a retirement packet. This packet will contain important information about your SDRS benefits, a benefit estimate, and all the necessary paperwork you need to complete to start your benefits.

                Forms and information in a retirement packet:
                SDRS Form B-2G
                SDRS Form E-5
                IRS Form W-4P
                Quick Reference Guide for Generational Members
                Generational Member Retirement Planning and Benefit Information brochure
                Returning to Work Guide
                Generational Member Beneficiary Designations & Death Benefits brochure

                SDRS office contact information:
                Call: 1-888-605-SDRS (7377)
                Visit: 222 E. Capitol, Suite 8, Pierre, SD

You are also encouraged to use MySDRS to generate benefit estimates using your personal account information.


Applying for Retirement
Your retirement application must be received in the SDRS office at least one complete calendar month prior to your retirement. You will also need to submit legible photocopies of the following documents with your SDRS retirement application:

If you have made application for benefits in accordance with the law, you can expect to receive your first SDRS benefit payment the month following your last paycheck. Direct deposits (ACH) are made on the 15th of each month and paper warrants are mailed the same day.