South Dakota
Retirement System
Proudly Serving South Dakota's Public Employees Since 1974


Contribution Withdrawals

Active Members: SDRS does not have loan or hardship withdrawal provisions. While you are an active, contributing member of SDRS, you cannot make withdrawals or borrow funds from your SDRS account. Your SDRS funds are only available for withdrawal if you terminate employment.


Inactive Members: If you terminate covered employment you may apply for a refund of 100% of your employee contributions and interest and a portion of your employer contributions and interest. For additional information on refund payment options and tax implications, please call the SDRS office toll-free at 1-888-605-SDRS (7377).

                Refunding Your SDRS Retirement Funds brochure


Note: The right to withdraw accumulated contributions ceases upon returning to employment with an SDRS participating unit.