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Member Deaths & Survivor Benefits

If You Die While Still Employed

Family Benefits: A family benefit is payable on behalf of your eligible dependent children under the age of 19. The family benefit equals the greater of:

The family benefit shall be equally apportioned among your eligible dependent children. Payments will be made on behalf of each child to the child's conservator or custodian. As each child reaches age 19, the family benefit will be reallocated to any remaining children. The family benefit payments continue until all eligible dependent children reach the age of 19.


Surviving Spouse Benefit: A surviving spouse benefit is effective and payable when your surviving spouse reaches age 67. The surviving spouse benefit will be calculated as follows, whichever is applicable:

The surviving spouse benefit is paid in monthly installments for your surviving spouse's lifetime with annual cost-of-living adjustments.


Early Surviving Spouse Benefit: Your eligible surviving spouse has the option to elect to start the surviving spouse benefit prior to age 67 and as early as age 57, payable at a reduced rate.


Eligibility: For your spouse and family to be eligible for these benefits, you must be a contributing member with at least three years of credited service or have died while performing the usual duties of your job and prior to your normal retirement age (age 67 for Class A and Class B Judicial members; age 57 for Class B Public Safety members) or your retirement.

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