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Foundation Member Eligibility for Retirement

To be entitled to retirement benefits, a member must have a minimum of three years of contributory service. Unreduced retirement benefits are available once you reach your normal retirement age or meet the requirements for special early retirement. Under special early retirement, you become eligible for unreduced retirement benefits when certain combinations of age and years of service are met (i.e. meeting your Rule). Reduced retirement benefits can be drawn once you attain your minimum retirement age. No retirement benefits are payable to you before you attain your minimum retirement age.

SDRS Foundation Member Retirement Eligibility


Normal Retirement (unreduced benefit)

Early Retirement  (reduced benefit)

Special Early Retirement (unreduced benefit)

Class A

Age 65

As early as age 55

Rule of 85

Class B Public Safety

Age 55

As early as age 45

Rule of 75

Class B Judicial

Age 65

As early as age 55

Rule of 80


Special Early Retirement: You can retire earlier than your normal retirement age and receive an unreduced benefit if you meet certain age and credited service requirements. The chart below, separated by class of service, shows the specific combinations of age and credited service that will produce an unreduced benefit if you retire early and begin payments:

Meeting Your Rule: Requirements for Special Early Retirement

Class A
(Rule of 85)

Class B Public Safety
(Rule of 75)

Class B Judicial
(Rule of 80)

Age 55 with 30 years

Age 45 with 30 years

Age 55 with 25 years

Age 56 with 29 years

Age 46 with 29 years

Age 56 with 24 years

Age 57 with 28 years

Age 47 with 28 years

Age 57 with 23 years

Age 58 with 27 years

Age 48 with 27 years

Age 58 with 22 years

Age 59 with 26 years

Age 49 with 26 years

Age 59 with 21 years

Age 60 with 25 years

Age 50 with 25 years

Age 60 with 20 years

Age 61 with 24 years

Age 51 with 24 years

Age 61 with 19 years

Age 62 with 23 years

Age 52 with 23 years

Age 62 with 18 years

Age 63 with 22 years

Age 53 with 22 years

Age 63 with 17 years

Age 64 with 21 years

Age 54 with 21 years

Age 64 with 16 years


Early Retirement - Percent of Benefit Payable: If you do not meet the requirements for special early retirement, you may choose to begin drawing your retirement benefit prior to reaching your normal retirement age at a reduced rate. The amount of reduction depends upon your age and years of credited service when payments begin. If you choose to retire prior to your normal retirement age, your benefits will be permanently reduced by 1/4 of 1% for each full month (or 3% for each full year) between your benefit commencement and the date you will reach your normal retirement age or the date you will meet your special early retirement requirements, if applicable.


To learn more about determining your retirement benefit: Determining Your Retirement Benefit page

For more detailed information regarding retirement eligibility, consult your Class Handbook or contact SDRS toll-free at 1-888-605-SDRS (7377).