South Dakota
Retirement System
Proudly Serving South Dakota's Public Employees Since 1974


Membership Eligibility

Full-time employees of an SDRS participating employer are required to participate in the South Dakota Retirement System. The definition of a full-time employee is any employee who is considered full-time by the participating unit and is customarily employed by the participating unit for 20 hours or more a week and at least six months a year, regardless of classification of employment as seasonal, temporary, leased, contract, or any other designation.

Special Eligibility

The following employees are required to participate in SDRS, provided they meet the full-time employee criteria:

Not Eligible

The following employees are excluded from participating in SDRS:


Special School-Related Situations

Teachers: a teacher is any person who has a valid teacher's certificate issued by the state of South Dakota and who is employed by a public school district on a full-time basis. Certified teachers performing classified jobs, such as teacher's aides, must participate in SDRS if they meet the full-time employment standard, even if the school district does not cover classified employees.

Substitute Teachers: a substitute teacher who does not meet the full-time employment standard, even if certified, is not eligible to participate in SDRS.

Tutors: teachers who work as tutors and are paid directly by the student or student's parent are not considered school employees. Teachers employed by a school district to instruct homebound students must participate in SDRS if they meet the full-time employment standard.

Classified Employees: if a school district has chosen to cover its classified employees, all full-time employees in the following positions must participate in SDRS: