South Dakota
Retirement System
Proudly Serving South Dakota's Public Employees Since 1974


SDRS Mission Statement

To plan, implement, manage, and efficiently administer financially sustainable retirement income programs within the fixed resources available in accordance with fiduciary responsibilities and sound public policies.

SDRS Vision

Provide members and their families the opportunity to achieve financial security at retirement, death, or disability by delivering appropriate and equitable lifetime benefits, and promote, encourage, and facilitate additional member savings for retirement.

SDRS Long-Term Income Replacement Goals

Provide lifetime retirement income replacement of at least 55 percent of final average compensation for career employees with a cost of living adjustment during retirement that provides partial inflation protection.

Encourage members to establish an individualized lifetime retirement income goal that will enable them to maintain their standard of living in retirement. This will typically require lifetime income replacement of at least 85 percent of final average compensation (with at least partial inflation protection during retirement), including income from SDRS, Social Security, and personal retirement savings of at least one year's compensation at retirement.