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Website Survey

SDRS would like to receive your feedback regarding its new website. This survey is completely anonymous.

If you wish to contact the SDRS office for information regarding your account or benefits, please use the Contact SDRS page or call the SDRS office toll-free at 1-888-605-SDRS(7377). Thank you!

1.  When you visit the SDRS public website, what information are you looking for? (Check all that apply)      


Please rate the following attributes of the SDRS public website.
2.  The SDRS public website is easy to navigate.      

3.  The amount of information available on the SDRS public website is adequate.      

4.  The public website is visually appealing in terms of color scheme, graphics, font size, etc.      

5.  Overall, how would you rate your experience in visting the SDRS public website?      
6.  Please provide any additional comments regarding your experience (1024 characters or less):

Thank you for your feedback! Your opinions and suggestions are extremely valuable.